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Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry

Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry


Steel Pallets

For delivery of compressed gas cylinders

Before cylinder cradle packs, the standard steel pallet was the safest and most efficient form of delivery for compressed gas cylinders. From a simple one sided pallet to a complete pallet system with locking features, tombstones, pickets, pallet covers and gas manifold systems. The different requirements and design innovations makes for a hard time finding the correct pallet to fit our customers' fleet of delivery trucks. Contrivance is not the initial designer of delivery vehicles, so we have made it our goal to be familiar with and understand the challenges our customers face when adding to or replacing their aging equipment. Contrivance has successfully delivered thousands of pallet systems industry wide. We have matched the customers' existing fleet or have created new designs to satisfy the customers requirements.

Steel Pallets for High pressure gas bottles