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Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry

Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry


Manifold Repair

We repair Your cradle packs to keep you up to speck and save you money

"RE-CERT" the Compressed Gas Industries first and only "TOTAL" cradle and manifold restoration program. Our unique and proven process is designed to rejuvenate your damaged and unusable cradle and manifold fleet to its original like new a fraction of its original cost.

Features and Benefits
• Reduce your annual capital expenditure
• Rejuvenate your fleet over and over again
• Recertified with a 3 year limited warranty

The Manifold Process
Cvance 1 cradle pack pressure gas cylinders

• Manifold is thoroughly chemically cleaned treated and inspected.
• NEW valves
• NEW fittings
• NEW tubing or pigtails
• Oxygen cleaned
• Pressure tested and recorded and recertified.
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