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Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry

Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry



From 6 cylinder fill racks to a 100 plus cylinder filling system

From simple and economical 6 cylinder fill rack to a 100 plus cylinder filling system, Contrivance has one of the largest product offerings available in the industry today. Available in stationary or mobile configurations for virtually any requirement. Systems are also available in either simple fill valve application to fully functional control panel operation. The newly released "Saf-Fil" filling racks are industry tested to provide extra security and safe handling of medical cylinders during crucial filling operations.
Medical cylinder fill racks
• Unlimited styles and cylinder capacities
• Available in permanent or mobile applications.
• Wrench-tight, Yoke , and Quick Connects Available
• Standard Fill or Complete Panel Configurations
• Capable of receiving M4 thru E-size Cylinders

saf-fil Medical cylinder fill racks

Saf-Fil Medical Cylinder filling system designed specifically to safely contain the cylinder and hose in case of catastrophic failure but still provide fast and efficient cylinder filling capabilities.