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Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry

Specialists in Compressed Gas Industry


Cylinder Pallet Repair

Cylinder pallet re-newel program

cylinder pallet repair

Cylinder pallets are a necessary expense in the gas distribution industry and most likely one of the largest continual cash investment you have. How many pallets have you simply just thrown aside to the scrap bin because structurally you don’t have the time or equipment to get them back into service? Similar to our Cradle and manifold RE-CERT program, Contrivance has the ability and experience to fix, rebuild or repurpose an existing fleet of used and worn out cylinder pallets.

Features and Benefits
• Reduce your annual capital expenditure
• Rejuvenate your fleet over and over again
• Recertified with a 3 year limited warranty

Our “RE-FRESH” Service Offerings

Our repair services are designed to meet all types of requirements, from minor repairs to complete overhauls. Our cylinder pallet “RE-FRESH” solutions include:

Minor Modifications:
We provide the right solution to repair dents, or bent components correctly. We have the specialized tooling and skills to bring the pallet back to original and structurally and sound condition.

Component Replacement:
Sometimes the situation requires more than just straightening or dent removal. In most cases we can remove and replace the damaged structure or mechanical locking component and replace it to factory specifications or better.

Custom Pallet Redesign:
Many times because of new DOT regulations or truck design you find that you have to purchase all new pallets to comply with new requirements. Our already vast experience in pallet design allows us to modify your existing fleet to meet those requirements.